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Links: Useful links and other sources of information about art and related topics.


  • Artcyclopedia - a great site to search for information on individual famous artists.
  • Watercolors - an extensive and growing online text about watercolor painting.
  • Can Stock Photo - has over 2.5 million professional royalty free stock photos searchable by keyword.
  • Picsearch - has an extensive library of searchable images.
  • Google - also has an extensive library of searchable images.
  • Picasa - a free, downloadable program for manipulating digital images.
  • Lighthouses - a comprehensive collection of information on lighthouses including photos and paintings.
  • Other Links

    Webdirectories of Artists and Art Links:

  • West Penn Art - a website with information and links for western Pennsylvania Artists.
  • The Art List - Monthly e-Newsletter and searchable database listing upcoming Art Contests, Art Competitions, and Opportunites for visual artists and photographers.
  • The Painter's Keys.com - Robert Genn's twice weekly e-Newsletter and website with a large directory of artists plus other valuable information for artists and art lovers.
  • Findartinfo.com - Fine art appraisal, art prices - Search free for auction prices, signatures and monograms.
  • YourArt.com - Arts Directory and Web Services for Artists World-Wide
  • Art Industri - artist portfolios, ecards, resources, kids stuff, reference guides, free email, magazine and web design.
  • The-Artists.org - artist portfolios, blogs, listing of events and other information by and about modern artists.
  • WikiArt.org - Galleries of artist portfolios searchable by type, keywords and artist's name.
  • The Saatchi Gallery - Gallery of modern art in London whose website also features examples of work by emerging artists.
  • Wikigallery.org - A database of 150,000 freely usable images to which anyone can contribute.
  • Delacroix: - Handmade Oil Painting Reproductions - sponsor of Wikigallery.org
  • Ten-Most-Famous-Paintings: - An overview of art history with links to additional resources.

    Resources on Color Theory:

  • Munsell Color System The concepts of Hue, Value and Chroma are explained with diagrams making them easy to understand. Also discussed are Color Balance, Complementary Colors and how to use the Munsell System in picking Color Combinations.
  • Color Chart - an online color chart tool useful for working with website design.
  • schoolofcolor.com - an online source for purchasing color charts, books on color theory, and other related supplies.
  • bedroomfurniturespot.com - a webpage discussing how colors can affect a person’s mood. The site also includes many links to additional sources of information on the psychology of color.
  • colormatters.com - a website with a wealth of information about the science and psychology of color.
  • mastersinpsychologyguide.com - another webpage discussing the psychology of color with many links to additional sources of information.
  • quikshiptoner.com - a glossary of color theory terminology with links to several sources of even more detailed information.

    Resources on the Science of Art:

  • Vision and Art: The Biology of Seeing, by Margaret Livingstone. An easy to read book discussing how the brain processes visual information. For a review click here.
    For more information click here.
    Video presentations of many of the key points is available here.

  • “The Science of Art: A Neurological Theory of Aesthetic Experience.” V. S. Ramachandran and William Hirstein. Journal of Consciousness Studies 6 (1999): 15-51. The text is available online here.
    Abstracts of related publications are available: here.

    Links to Individual Artist's Websites:

  • Marci Mason Pittsburgh based watercolor artist and teacher.
  • Ann McLaughlin Edmonton based landscape artist.
  • Annick Ploquin dit Madiot - Artist, painter and portraitist.
  • Denis LeBlanc - Maine coastal and countryside scenes in watercolor.
  • Ray Ellis - Southern U.S. coastal and countryside scenes in watercolor and oil.

    Links to other Artists named McLaren:

  • Judy McLaren
  • Lesley McLaren
  • Deborah McLaren
  • Kate McLaren
  • And also see: MacLaren Art Centre

    Links to Collections of Works on Industrial Topics:

  • Cynthia Cooley - showing scenes of steelmaking.
  • Ron Donoughe - including scenes of steelmaking, steel mills, and other industrial scenes in western Pennsylvania.
  • Raymond Simboli - including street scenes and industrial scenes in western Pennsylvania.
  • Paintings from the Steidle Museum - one of the largest collections of scenes of steelmaking, steel mills, and other industrial scenes.
    More Paintings from the Steidle Museum
  • Ron Schaefer - including steel mills and other structures.
  • Vince Ornato - of the Pittsburgh steel industry.
  • Martha Ellen Ressler - including paintings of the only facility that still pours hot metal within Pittsburgh City limits.
  • Robert Jenkins - luminous watercolor paintings of old mill interiors and other subjects.